Out of Country “For Non-Turkish People” 500 TL
Participants Outside Turkey 100 EURO
Mixed Exhibition Participation Fee (For each piece) “For Non-Turkish People” 100 EURO



  1. The participation fee for the participants coming from Turkey is 500 TL and it is 100 EURO for those coming abroad. Undergraduate and postgraduate students will pay 100 EURO as the participation fee. A different payment is out of question.
  2. An author can participate with two papers most . One of those papers can be verbal and the other one can be poster.  Each participant who wishes to submit more than one verbal / poster paper must pay an extra presentation fee of 100 EURO.The number of authors is limited to 5 people. An official certified document indicating the contribution of related authors to the papers with more than 5 authors will be requested and will be given. No opportunity will be provided for any paper without this certificate at the congress. THE INDIVIDUALS PARTICIPATING AS THE AUDIENCE ARE LIABLE TO PAY PARTICIPATION FEE.
  3. If the papers and posters sent to the Congress are produced from "MASTER’S and DOCTORAL THESIS", the first place must belong to the owner of the related paper and the second place must bear the name of the consultant of the related paper.
  4. The participation fee for the mixed exhibition in the academic incentive is 100 EURO for each piece. Those who wish to present two or more papers must pay an extra presentation fee.
  5. The mixed exhibition participation certificate will only be given to the participants who present a paper, the participants who make a poster presentation will not be included in the mixed exhibition and these participants will not be given a presentation certificate.
  6. Only those who pay the registration fee will be given a PARTICIPATION DOCUMENT.
  7. When making reservations for accommodation, please indicate that you are arriving for the congress. Special discounts are given to the participants of the congress. If you do not give this information, you cannot benefit from the discount.
  8. Payments made until, 05 DECEMBER 2018 will be accepted. Payments made after this date will not be taken into consideration and even if your paper is accepted in the congressional program, it won’t be included.
  9. Invitation and acceptance letters are sent after the paper fee is made to the congress account. Please send your payment receipt to After sending the receipt, your acceptance and invitation letter will be sent to you via e-mail.



  • Participation to Scientific Meetings
  • Congress Cardboard Bag (Notebook, Pens, Note cubes)
  • Congress Program
  • All-day Refreshments
  • E-book that involves extended abstracts (It will be announced on the website after the congress)
  • Lunch





  • 50% of the congress participation fee will be refunded if canceled by 30 December 2017.
  • The congress fee will not be refunded after 30 April 2018.
  • Congress fee refunds are transferred to the participant after the congress.


Congress Center