National and international dimensions of violence will be addressed in the fourth gathering of our congress organized and held by the stanbul Association of Science and Academicians. It is highly important to evaluate the fact of violence having many different conceptual and basic factors in the fields of science, socio-culture, economy, health, law and other disciplines and to address the solution offers and work on them in terms of many different disciplines. In each congress, we identify the meaning and scope of the violence, the types of violence after the assessments, the areas of application, the solutions proposed and the social effects of violence, especially for the individual and the society. We aim to find out the possibility of evaluating violence in many countries of the world including our country, solution proposals, actors and factors, environmental and international awareness dimension, legal and political practices in terms of different disciplines. In the third meeting of the congress, we had the opportunity to evaluate environmental violence and actors as different from previous gatherings. We have specifically addressed the dimension of violence towards animals and nature and have had a chance to see what is happening in this area. Thus, we have determined that violence is experienced not only by people but also in many different areas and that violence is an effective problem on other living things. In this fourth gathering of the congress, we will address the problems of both animals and other environmental values, especially the human factor, by referring to both the national and international dimension of violence. We will also evaluate the social dimension, the cultural dimension and the physical dimension, particularly the legal dimension of national and international sanctions on these issues. We will propose solutions for these problems created by the participation of many different disciplines and scientists in the congress and we will share these solution offers produced with related public organizations and NGOs. We hope that this congress will be a useful meeting for academic and science world, especially for all participants. We would like to thank all participants, supporters and audiences and hope to meet at the congress. Best.


Prof. Dr. Emine DEMRAY

Head of the Congress


Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS – Prof. Dr. Ümran SEVL -  Prof. Dr. Alev AKDOAN KAYMAZ

Co-heads of the Congress