Violence, which shows its dirty face to us almost every day in different ways due to negative situations such as economic crises and harsh living conditions that have negatively affected people in the last century; Unfortunately, it has become a part of life by pushing the limits of tolerance and appearing at every age and everywhere. Regardless of the reason and the way it is applied, violence, which should be given zero tolerance to all kinds, has become unavoidable by increasing its dose day by day in health institutions and organizations where healing is given to human life. Nurses, who cover a large number of health professionals and a wide range of services, unfortunately also rank high in terms of exposure to violence. In addition to heavy and long working conditions, verbal or physical exposure to violence reduces the quality of treatment and care in nursing and negatively affects professional commitment. Nursing cadres, which are already inadequate both in the world and in our country, are increasingly empty with the emergence of the violence factor. To alleviate this situation, which causes serious problems in the health system, and to eliminate it in the future, requires strong state policies as well as strong education systems. Violence experienced between those who receive and provide services in the health system can only be managed by health professionals equipped with professional knowledge and skills. In this context, it is of great importance to train nurses who have the skills to manage all aspects of violence. There is a need to update the nursing education curriculum and equip students with violence management knowledge and skills. In all countries of the world, the motto "violence against healthcare professionals is actually violence against their own health". It is extremely important to increase social awareness through this motto in violence control. All health professionals, especially nurses, have important responsibilities in increasing this awareness. It is a vital priority for health professionals to evaluate and manage violent situations with a solution-oriented approach. In this context, the aim of this review is to discuss and bring up the violence management approaches in nursing education in the light of current literature.

Anahtar Kelimeler: nursing education, violence, violence management